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Device-based Authentication Service

IMPORTANT! We have added the Device-based Authentication Service for our Affiliates when accessing their accounts through one of the wagering websites. Regardless if you use the wagering websites to access your affiliate account or not, we strongly advise you to please implement this security measure as soon as possible.

Why use Device-based Authentication for my Affiliate account?

Cybercriminals use data breaches and phishing attacks to obtain usernames and passwords on a daily basis. At the same time, authentication that relies solely on personal information, or a series of challenging questions, can create a poor user experience and customer frustration, or may end up in Account Take Over fraud (ATO).

Stolen user names and passwords, along with automated password brute force attacks, are more common place than ever before, and affiliate accounts are now one of the most commonly sought after accounts to hack. Device-based authentication creates an additional, strong line of defense against ATO fraud, using your trusted devices to verify the identity of the one accessing your affiliate account.

It adds another layer of security, verifying not only that the Username and Password entered are correct, but also that the device used, the geolocation, the browser from which it is being accessed and other parameters, match the information previously authorized by the affiliate account rightful owner.

How to activate the Device-based Authentication Service (DBAS).

At the time that you login to a wagering website with your account for the first time, the system will ask you to choose if whether you wish to implement this security measure or if you want to activate it later.

When selecting to activate the DBAS, a SecureLink and a Security Code will be sent to the email address registered on file. Click on the Secure Link sent to you, and enter the Security Code received in order to authenticate the device in use.

Once this process is completed, the information authorized will be automatically associated to your account, and all subsequent access containing the same data of a wagering website, will be stored as safe. 

Some of the elements that impact the Device-based Authentication include:

  • Browser version
  • Security Cookie
  • Language characteristics
  • Operating system version
  • Software technology
  • Location and IP address

If any of the elements above are absent or significantly modified, the system will prompt you to follow the authentication process.

You may authenticate your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop and any other device that you use on regular basis that will certainly be frequently used by you.

How to deactivate the Device-based Authentication Service (DBAS).

You can easily deactivate the DBAS from a trusted device. Simply login to your sports account from a previously authenticated device, click on Account and go to Security Settings. Once there, click on Device-based Authentication Service and turn it OFF.

Switching your DBAS OFF, will delete all authenticated devices previously associated to your affiliate account.

For more assistance on this service, please contact our Affiliate Team by Live Help.


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